We provide personalized patient care for problems related to bones, joints and muscles.  Our specialist in Orthopaedics diagnoses and treats diseases and damage to the bones, joints and soft tissue of the musculskeletal system.

We work together as a team, listening and responding to your needs, with prompt consultations and referrals, all designed to make certain you keep moving at your best.

Services Offered

  • Cartilage repair

  • Foot and ankle orthopedics

  • Hand, wrist and elbow orthopedics

  • Hip orthopedics

  • Knee orthopedics

  • Pain management services

  • Sports medicine

  • Spine orthopedics

  • Shoulder orthopedics

We offer a full range of Orthopedic Services.  Our team offer a full range of specialized orthopedic services for patients of all ages, including:

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Lubsey Medical Center is a full-service family-centered practice based in Milwaukee, WI. With over 30 years of community roots, Lubsey Medical Center is focused on serving patients and ensuring access to care regardless of socioeconomic background. Our commitment is to always show and expression of care for our community by supporting optimal health outcomes.

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