Lubsey is the name.

Healthy patients is our game.

We have been serving patients in the Metro-Milwaukee area since 1978. Our commitment is to our patients is to provide the highest quality health care and treatments, regardless of income, class, race, or insurance status.


When you visit Lubsey Medical Center you will encounter highly professional, trained, and experienced medical practitioners ready to provide you quality medical service with compassion and expertise, as well as friendly and courteous staff members.

Committed to our community...

Full-service medical provider.

Dedicated mission of

care first.

Meeting you where you're at with ease.

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Lubsey Medical Center is a full-service family-centered practice based in Milwaukee, WI. With over 30 years of community roots, Lubsey Medical Center is focused on serving patients and ensuring access to care regardless of socioeconomic background. Our commitment is to always show and expression of care for our community by supporting optimal health outcomes.

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